At Cornerstone, we celebrate a school culture of service. Our students learn to give back in our school, our families, our churches, and our community.

Following Christmas break we observe the Joanne Walker Day of Service. Mrs. Walker was a wonderful lady who worked tirelessly helping many people in many ways and was a great supporter of our school.  In memory of Mrs. Walker we have a day off from school, where all of our students are asked to participate in a public service project.

Cornerstone enjoys a special relationship with Messiah’s Ranch, a local camp for worship and retreat. We enjoy the use of ranch facilities for a school-wide celebration on the last day of school. Cornerstone students volunteer at Messiah’s Ranch to assist in preparing for retreats, performing service such as clearing wooded areas, picking up trash, and painting.

Service projects in past years have included:

  • Singing at a nursing home
  • Making and delivering Gift Baskets
  • Picking up trash around a neighborhood
  • Writing letters and cards for servicemen
  • Donating toys and books to the needy
  • Donating items to the Brazos Church Pantry
  • Donating items to the Animal Shelter
  • Donating hair to Locks of Love
  • Decorating nursing home rooms for Christmas

Here are some of the services activities that have been performed by our students:

  • Writing notes of encouragement to various people of the world.
  • An active prayer ministry to pray for those friends of the school who are hurting.
  • Raising money to help build a Habitat for Humanity House.
  • Cleaning the church’s large auditorium.
  • Cleaning the gym after the school wide Hot Lunch on Fridays.
  • Cleaning white boards for the school.