Each of the classes at Cornerstone Christian perform a service activity each week. They learn about helping others and show their appreciation to the community.


Following Christmas break we observe the Joanne Walker Day of Service. Mrs. Walker was a wonderful lady who worked tirelessly helping many people in many ways and was a great supporter of our school.  In memory of Mrs. Walker we have a day off from school, where all of our students are asked to participate in a public service project.

Service projects in past years have included:

  • Singing at a nursing home
  • Making and delivering Gift Baskets
  • Picking up trash around a neighborhood
  • Writing letters and cards for servicemen
  • Donating toys and books to the needy
  • Donating items to the Brazos Church Pantry
  • Donating items to the Animal Shelter
  • Donating hair to Locks of Love
  • Decorating nursing home rooms for Christmas


Here are some of the services activities that have been performed by our students:

  • Writing notes of encouragement to various people of the world.
  • An active prayer ministry to pray for those friends of the school who are hurting.
  • Raising money to help build a Habitat for Humanity House.
  • Cleaning the church’s large auditorium.
  • Cleaning the gym after the school wide Hot Lunch on Fridays.
  • Cleaning white boards for the school.