Language Arts: Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Mathematics: Go Math! by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Science: Pearson Interactive Science
Social Studies: (Grades 1-4) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, (Grade 5) McGraw Hill US History 1565 to Modern Times
Bible: Positive Action for Christ Series


In the Positive Action for Christ curriculum, first graders will learn about the many gifts given to us by God, including the ultimate gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. This study highlights Creation, our families, our friends, the work of Christ, and many other examples of God’s care.  In second grade, students study the life of Moses through the Book of Exodus, witnessing the tribulations and victories of the Israelites as they learn to trust God.  Third graders grow in their relationship and knowledge of God as they study the lives of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Daniel can teach us much about the rewards of living for God.  In the fourth grade, students will discover God’s redemptive love by studying the life of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the ministry of the Apostle Paul.  Fifth graders gain understanding of the patterns and themes of God’s work through a survey of the Old Testament.  In addition, each week students have a memory verse, and periodically conduct Chapel services for the school.

Language Arts and Reading

Journeys is where the reading adventure begins!  Developed on a solid foundation of proven instruction and easy-to-manage organization, this exciting new reading program includes Adventure Units and Guided Reading with literacy expert Irene Fountas, plus differentiated instruction components for intervention and ELL to help ensure that every child can be successful.


Grades 3 – 5 use Wordly Wise 3000 to develop vocabulary skills. Vocabulary instruction becomes more sophisticated, while continuing to prepare students for content area learning. Lessons include reading comprehension, critical thinking, dictionary usage, word origins, and many other skills and strategies.


Elementary students utilize Houghton Mifflin’s Texas edition of GO Math! Teachers guide students through conceptual development, as students work from introduction to mastery of each topic.  Throughout the lessons, students will use manipulatives, models, quick pictures, and symbols as they apply Mathematical Practices to build understanding. Students are actively engaged in reasoning during instruction, so they are prepared to transition from concept or skills comprehension to solving problems in contextual situations.


Elementary students utilize Pearson’s Interactive Science Texas edition to explore the world around them.  The text offers a broad survey of scientific fields of study covering  the nature of science, physical science, earth science, and life sciences.  At each grade level, the depth of material is expanded to increasingly build student knowledge and understanding of God’s creation.

Social Studies

Harcourt Social Studies is a comprehensive K–5 curriculum solution designed to engage and motivate students. Through the stories of the intriguing people, exciting places, and fascinating events that make social studies relevant to their lives, students gain a global perspective. They also learn the social studies themes and skills they need to become informed, participating citizens who consider diverse points-of-view, use critical thinking skills, and are active in their communities.