Cornerstone has two major fundraisers each year.

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Our fall fundraiser is our Thanksgiving Feast and Dessert Auction. At this feast we offer a traditional Turkey Dinner and a short choral concert followed by a dessert auction. Usually we feed 500-700 people and auction off 50-80 wonderful desserts. We also auction of a few other art items including a few professional paintings and photgraphy items and often a hand-made quilt. The monies raised are either used to improve the quality of the school (computers, curriculum, etc) or provide scholarships. The Thanksgiving Dinner is held at noon on the Sunday before Thankgiving. If you would like tickets, please call the school at 979-694-8200. There will be some tickets available at the door but some years we sell out so it is best to buy early.


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Our 2011-2012 spring fundraiser was a fun-filled field day featuring our annual Cougar Run. This event is a not only an exciting day for our students, it also allows sponsors to show their generous support of our school.









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