Every semester students have an opportunity to choose from various electives. Some examples from past semesters have included Drama, Concepts of Technology and Engineering, Athletics, Psychology, Foreign Language, Art, and many more. Electives at Cornerstone are a great opportunity for students to expand their skills and knowledge beyond the basic curriculum.  To view specifics on some of the enrichment programs offered, please click on the ‘+’ to the left of a subject.

Foreign Language

Cornerstone Christian Academy offers a foreign language component to all upper grade students.  Beginning in 6th grade, students explore American Sign Language through a daily course.  By 7th grade, students have the opportunity to accrue high school credit. Seventh graders cover the first half of high school Spanish I and earn a half credit of foreign language for high school.  The remainder of high school Spanish I is completed during the 8th grade year.  Cornerstone students  complete their foreign language requirement with high school Spanish II as freshmen in high school.  Those without prior Spanish I credit may also complete the course as a high school student.

Our staff and faculty believe that an understanding of other language systems enhances our understanding of the English language. It helps us to understand other cultures and thus better appreciate our own.


All students at Cornerstone Christian Academy have access to computers and technology to equip them with skills for the 21st century.  Elementary students learn the basic foundations of digital literacy through learning.com.  Junior high students are taught how to use Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, and utilize them in other subject areas, as well as keyboarding skills and web design.  High school students expand their understanding of Office applications or expand their knowledge in our Concepts of Engineering and Technology course or Web Design to satisfy their technology credit requirement.


Art classes are taught by Mrs. Johnece Marchbanks. She is a member of the school board and has been teaching Art to school children for many years. Students try their hand at many kinds of artistic endeavors with many different art mediums.

They have the opportunity to compete in local art contests and have won awards at the George Bush Presidential Library, the Benjamin Knox Gallery, and the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley.

High school students have the opportunity to fulfill their fine arts credit through either our Art or Art History courses taught by Mrs. Arli Shults.  High schoolers participate in the TCAL art competition in April, utilizing various mediums.